LAF Selects Ballast Point for U.S. Case Study

LAF Selects Ballast Point for U.S. Case Study News / Biocity Studio / 09.02.2017

The Landscape Architecture Foundation (LAF) has selected six faculty Research Fellows and 13 exemplary landscape projects for its 2017 Case Study Investigation (CSI) program. Now in its seventh year, the CSI program is a unique research collaboration that matches LAF-funded faculty/student research teams with design firms to measure and document the benefits of high-performing landscapes.

CSI Research Fellows lead the teams and work with firm liaisons to identify and develop methods to quantify environmental, economic, and social benefits. The teams conduct research and document the projects through images and narrative that includes background information, descriptions of sustainable features, and lessons learned. The resulting Case Study Briefs are published in LAF’s award-winning Landscape Performance Series database of over 100 projects.