Wollongong Public Spaces Public Life 2014

Wollongong Public Spaces Public Life 2014 News / New Project / 12.08.2014

McGregor Coxall has been commissioned by Wollongong City Council to partner with the internationally renowned urban research company Gehl Architects to deliver Wollongong Public Spaces and Public Life Study 2014. A core component of the study is to deliver a Revitalisation Strategy and Implementation Strategy through a recommendations report. The study is underpinned by place making and incremental urbanism, thus a key focus of the study requires the identification of small scale activation projects that can seed change in the city centre.

Importantly, the study requires the comprehensive engagement of Council staff, local stakeholders and community ensuring the Wollongong community has ownership of the study. The project is expected to be complete by December 2014.