‘Water is life’: A hydrophilic landscaped vision for Zhoushan

‘Water is life’: A hydrophilic landscaped vision for Zhoushan

Marine culture is deeply embedded in Zhoushan, known globally as a free trade port and sea garden city in East China. Today, the Luhua River faces concerns of industrial pollution, ecological degradation, and waterlogging – culminating in a fragmented waterfront experience for people and the environment.

McGregor Coxall collaborated with local government and local planning institute, UDPIS on a seaside transformation that restores vibrance to once-thriving bays, public estuaries and ecological wetlands in an integrated blue-green network connecting the mountain to the river.McGregor Coxall’s Director of Design Asia, Michael Patte, said hydrophilic design is intrinsic to the design concept. “In Zhoushan, water is life,” said Patte.

“With deep roots as a fishing port, the waterfront offers an opportunity to develop a new economic district and neighbourhood. McGregor Coxall is proud to collaborate with UPDIS in restoring Luhua River to a more resilient state. A place that showcases its modern urban vitality with thriving precincts and abundant, biodiverse riverside ecology. A place that is truly of Zhoushan: respectful of its origins and designed for posterity.

“Our project aims to bring new business to the island and usher in economic diversity in a fishing-heavy industry.”

Influenced by rich ecological communities at fresh and sea water intersections, the strategy articulates Traditional wisdom throughout the CBD, residential area, and industrial zones. Design strategies sew up pedestrian mobility, open space, and urban water management requirements across each. The ‘Water Gate’, a nexus for the ‘Water Harbour’ and ‘Eco Reserve’ zones, is a platform for public life – connected by a series of restaurants, parks, and platforms that extend across the river.

“Aligned to investments in technology and innovation along the river, our concept for is firmly committed a more resilient future – proposing a district with high ecological value where quality of life, prosperity, and environmental respect is prioritized,” said Patte.

“Centred around McGregor Coxall’s Biourbanism platform, our approach presents a blueprint for biocitizenship.”

Schematic and detailed design works began in March 2022.

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