Sydney’s future of landscape

Sydney’s future of landscape

McGregor Coxall’s Sydney Landscape Architecture leadership team welcomes Nadia Greatbatch, Emily Pearce, Simon Trick, and Orit Meylakh. Andrew Langford, Sydney Landscape Architecture Discipline Lead, said: “Nadia, Emily, Simon, and Orit bring a passion and dedication that will be pivotal in the growth of McGregor Coxall, we are very excited to have them join us.“

Our pursuit of resilient outcomes that demonstrate a deep understanding of each community’s unique needs and challenges is a driver for our work. With a leadership team comprised of such diverse and experienced backgrounds, we can support and nurture the next generation of landscape architects.”

Nadia Greatbatch joins McGregor Coxall as Associate Director of Landscape Architecture. With over 17 years’ leadership experience delivering award-winning projects, Nadia aspires to build on the strong interdisciplinary foundation formed at McGregor Coxall over the last couple of decades. “Knowing the depth of thought, design justification, and understanding that each project contributes towards a sustainable future at McGregor Coxall, I’m really excited to be a part of a diverse and highly skilled team committed to authentic and inclusive design,” she said.

Emily Pearce, Simon Trick and Orit Meylakh join McGregor Coxall as Senior Associates of Landscape Architecture.

“We have a responsibility to deliver sustainable, ethical, and inspiring projects for local and global communities,” said Emily. “Approaching projects with such a talented, interdisciplinary team is really motivating and will bring new exciting opportunities and innovation.”

For Simon, McGregor Coxall’s commitment to First Nations reconciliation both within and outside of projects is what inspires him.

“The open exchange of ideas and genuine collaboration with First Nations communities from the beginning of the design process is something that drew me to McGregor Coxall, and I’ll continue to champion this in my role,” said Simon. Orit brings diverse experience in the creation of resilient urban environments and is “thrilled to be joining a growing team that shares my vision for meaningful spaces that enable equity and social engagement,” she said. Nadia, Emily, Simon, and Orit join Andrew Langford (Associate Director and Discipline Leader) and Fraser Halliday (Associate Director) in Sydney’s Landscape Architecture leadership ranks.

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