Nicola Balch

Urban Design, Master Planning, Strategy Development, Temporary Installations

Nicola completed bachelor degrees in Architecture and Media, Communications simultaneously at the University of Technology Sydney with high-distinction average in architecture. In her own time she is a passionate writer, sits on the Architecture Bulletin Magazine editorial committee and has written over 20 articles for more than 8 publications. In 2015 Nicola won the “George Street 2020” ULI competition for young leaders. Her urban design and landscape architecture focus feeds an understanding of on the ground engagement in temporary interventions and advocacy. Work in this area includes 3 years organising the nationally acclaimed architecture event 1:1, Phillip Beesleys, SIBYL installation team and Co-ordinator of the 2009 National Union of Students Education Conference. Nicola was the university rep for the AIA in 2012 and the Vice president of the UTS Students Association in 2009. She currently teaches 2nd year architecture at UTS.