Ilee Rahman

Ilee Rahman

Multi-Residential, Urban Design

Ilee's experience covers complex, high end residential architecture, including high

rise housing developments, residential masterplans, luxury bungalow design and high end apartment planning. She has a strong passion for high density living and very much enjoy's the challenges and complexities of apartment planning and design.

Taking on a role as Project Architect in Kuala Lumpur she has experience leading client meetings for high end residential and developer led projects, prepared minutes and chaired weekly meetings with up to 8 technical consultants with the client present. She has also managed relationships with the local authorities by leading or attending scheduled meetings and presentations. As both Design Architect and Project Architect she successfully presented a project to a group of 20 council officers.

During the documentation process for submitting to the authorities, she was responsible for the production of DA and CC equivalent documentation packages including the coordination of numerous sub-consultants. She has become very familiar with working with highly demanding developer clients and high intensity deadlines.