Cavan Smith

Site Analysis, Graphics & Visualisation, Biourbanism, Documentation & Production

Cavan is attuned to the principals of biourbanism and the solutions that Landscape Architecture can prescribe to amend some of the environmental degradation brought on by urban expansion. Having previously undertaken extensive research into the overlapping relationship between rural, suburban and urban environments, his work explored how simple interventions often have the ability to restore the affinity between nature and ecology, in the context of cities. Having spent 4 weeks in the US a winner of the 2017 HASSELL Travelling Scholarship, he further investigated the positive economic, environmental and social outcomes that urban agriculture can offer urban spaces. Cavan is a technically astute designer and integral member of the Sydney studio with a sound ability to draw plans, sections and visualisations to a high level and able to utilize a range of software packages including SketchUp, Rhino and Vectorworks.