Thomas Flugge

Thomas Flugge

Thomas Flugge

Design & Documentation, Project Management, Community Engagement

Thomas has over several years’ experience in Landscape Architecture and the construction industry. He is committed to an ethos of sustainability, diversity, equality and forward-thinking design solutions.

As a Graduate Landscape Architect at McGregor Coxall’s Melbourne studio, he is responsible for the project management, design, and delivery of several key projects across a range of scales in Australian and Internationally.

Thomas has experience in the delivery of projects such as Gariwerd (Grampians) Peaks Trail, Bentleigh Eat Street and the Sunshine Skills Hub. Currently Thomas is project managing and delivering Gariwerd Priority Trail Heads, Sunshine Energy Park Masterplan & Blue-Green Network Framework in Bengaluru (India). He is also a co-facilitator of McGregor Coxall’s Reconciliation Working Group and is assisting in the development of the organization’s Reconciliation Action Plan.

Employing versatile strategic thinking towards design challenges, he takes a holistic approach to design and advocates for positive working relationships, collaboration, and communication. This method of practice brings resolution to design challenges that are informed and driven by community needs across a range of social, economic, cultural and environmental issues.

As a research assistant at RMIT University, his design research interests lie in the intersection of self-determined economic enterprise, cultural knowledge & biodiversity through Indigenous-led and regenerative design outcomes.