Shenzhen Studio wins competition for Zhanjiang’s vibrant tourism, commercial collective

Shenzhen Studio wins competition for Zhanjiang’s vibrant tourism, commercial collective

McGregor Coxall’s Shenzhen Studio has been announced as winners of Zhanjiang’s ‘Happy Bay’ design competition, proposing a revolutionary, environmentally sensitive concept for a new seaside commercial and tourism hub in Guangdong, South China.

Happy Bay, located in Zhanjiang’s cultural epicentre, will unite fragmented tourism and commercial nodes along a revitalised coastal belt to set a new global experiential benchmark. McGregor Coxall’s goal is to leverage Zhanjiang’s unique ecological characteristics to create a prosperous commercial centre that exhibits cultural excellence. Youzhu Chen, Senior Landscape Architect at McGregor Coxall’s Shenzhen Studio, said Happy Bay will employ circular economy principles in support of modern and future communities.“Happy Bay’s reconfigured public domain will drive the creation of a resilient, more prosperous Zhanjiang on several fronts. Happy Bay will be a cornerstone for commercial opportunity, a high-end business destination that supports a thriving economy,” said Chen.

“Our vision is to build Zhanjiang into a world-class landmark that seamlessly unites culture, leisure, commerce and tourism. With its open bay scenery, unique landscape, high-quality cultural and artistic facilities, and transparent commercial and public space composition, Happy Bay embodies Zhanjiang’s progression in terms of its innovation, vitality and diversified urban spirit. “A rich tourism programme is complemented by heightened connections to the sea, offering countless biophilic benefits for the region. This example of how environments can support commercial opportunity, and vice versa, is a justified blueprint for how cities can thrive in balance with their ecologies.” A new, programmed development forges an exclusive destination for not just locals, but a must-see destination in China’s tourism collective. Happy Bay will be a home for all, seamlessly intertwining Life, Culture, Shopping, Ecology, Business, Creativity and Leisure.

McGregor Coxall will undertake a detailed design programme of eight weeks.

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