The design for the revitalisation of Shenzhen’s central Caitian and Fuqiang Road streetscapes has been approved with construction to begin in July 2021. Located in the Futian District in Shenzhen, China, the ‘Rainbow Corridor’ presents a bright series of interconnected parks, lawns, raingardens, plazas, recreation and fitness amenities, and public art installations in a green belt along Futian District’s primary boulevard, Caitian Road and Fuqiang Road.

McGregor Coxall worked closely with the Shenzhen Urban Management and Comprehensive Law, and Transportation Bureaus in creating the integrated streetscape that unites Metro Line 10 and pedestrian infrastructure with surrounding key nodes, including Futian Maternal and Children’s Hospital, Lizhong School, Shenzhen Secondary School, and Fumin New Village.

Creating a high street destination for locals and tourists alike, the proposed green spaces will enhance the region’s biodiversity and ecological prosperity, establishing a balanced microclimate and green escape within the highly urbanised setting.

The street is split into four sections – Vitality Fuqiang (Yellow), Gorgeous Gangxia (Pink), Passionate Lianhua Mountain (Red), Romantic Donggua (Lavender) – each utilising vegetation, flowering trees, benches, signage and play elements to create a playful sense of individuality said McGregor Coxall’s Shenzhen Studio Landscape Discipline Lead, Crystal Cheng.

“The design seeks to activate the street, featuring a complete rest area with benches that are reflectively coloured based on their district of origin – creating a distinction from the region’s urbanised setting to bring life into the streetscape and produce memorable moments throughout,” she said.

“All elements are designed to open up space and provide destinations for residents of all ages.

“By rearranging the streetscape, we’ve increased space for urban forest and grassland, opening up canopy and lower shrubbery to allow the sun to reach these areas. Flowering trees will line the street to create a colourful avenue.”

A mixture of playgrounds, interactive elements, miniature sports fields, and lawns offer spaces for active and passive recreation while fitness elements cater to all levels of ability.

Two central parklands, Puti Park and Dreamland, headline Futian’s streetscape revitalisation.

Puti Park unites directly with the sidewalk, incorporating bench, tables for chess and cards, and a large plaza that utilises specially coated handrails and walking surfaces that provide rehabilitative effects and safe accessibility. Dreamland was designed as an inspirational and interactive space for children, incorporating interactive and sensory play elements including swings, domes, carousels, and more. The primary design element of the park is the paper plane which features at the park’s entry points, while the main canopy’s design resembles the shape of a plane’s wings. The ‘Dream Wall’, an educational play element within the park, introduces young park-goers to traditional working life through its interactive portrayal of different professions. The proposed works align to Shenzhen’s economic development through a masterplan that unites neighbouring villages with the international city, creating colourful places of respite with high ecological and recreational value. Construction is scheduled for completion by the end of 2021.

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