Wuxi Taihu Plaza

Wuxi City Investment Development Co.,Ltd / 214001 , China

Inspired by the experiences of the neighbouring Lake Tai and Hui Mountain, the concept – designed collaboratively with local design firm Layout – extends Liangxi District’s thriving ecological and tourism belt through a diverse living space that invites a public exchange of nature, city, and culture. A new lake and mountain plaza is the centre of connection and vitality, a new city landmark that exhibits Wuxi’s natural beauty.

The central hub connects all previously fragmented nodes, establishing clarity and connection to all corners of the precinct. Site re-naturalisation adopts a sustainable sponge city approach that preserves existing vegetation and enriches regional biodiversity, creating habitats for wildlife and harnessing and purifying rainwater to maintain a deeply connected blue-green network. The plaza features a diverse programme that caters to all demographics, an inclusive destination that reopens Wuxi to events, festivals, sports, play, and relaxation. The park and plaza are re-stitched to Wuxi’s city framework through an efficient, diverse pedestrian trail network.

Site Area

30 ha


  • Competition
  • Open Space
  • Park
  • Recreation
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