Transport for London: Sustainable Development Framework

Transport for London / London, UK.

As part of Transport for London’s Sustainable Development Framework, McGregor Coxall was commissioned to prepare Vibrant Place KPIs, and Healthy Streets and Green Infrastructure Optimisation Briefs for 20 development sites centred around public transport interchanges. Forming part of TfL and the Greater London Authorities performance-focused approach, the Sustainable Development Framework is aimed at achieving ‘Triple Bottom Line’ expectations for each site.

McGregor Coxall led the development of over 40 graphical reports for the pilot development sites, varying between 100 to 3000 residential units, located along valued rail corridors and embracing a variety of density profiles. Following on from the success in delivering 20 Optimisation Brief pilot projects, McGregor Coxall developed the KPIs for the updated Sustainable Development Framework, with a particular focus on the ‘Vibrant Places’ dimension. Seven KPIs were identified to articulate the value of good public realm and building design to the city, its streets and people. Fundamental to the KPI development process was combining qualitative and quantitative measures to ensure that the starting points for design were about prioritising vibrancy, interest and legibility.






Site Area

2306 ha


  • Brownfields
  • Blue-Green (Living) Infrastructure Planning and Design
  • Cycleways
  • Environmental Analysis + Statistics
  • Play Space
  • Public Realm Planning and Design
  • Regional Planning
  • Research
  • Streetscape
  • Urban Design Framework


  • Arup
  • Mott MacDonald
  • Healthy Streets Limited
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