Sydney Green Grid

NSW Department of Planning & Environment / Sydney, Australia

A vital contribution to the sustainable development of the city, the Green Grid formulates a framework for the enhancement and integration of open space throughout metropolitan Sydney. It proposes a network of high-quality open spaces, to improve and maximize quality of life and wellbeing. This network includes the full range of open spaces: from national, regional and local parks, through the harbour, wetlands, rivers, beaches and creeks to playgrounds, playing fields, golf courses and cemeteries.

Interconnected linkages are fostered within the wider public realm through enhancing creek corridors, transport routes, footpaths and cycleways. The Sydney Green Grid is the mechanism that turns policy into action to create greener, cleaner, healthier, socially cohesive and biodiverse urban environments within a connected city ecosystem for people and wildlife. It plays a key role in building in resilience measures against climate change through the aforementioned, plus through the management of stormwater, flood risk and water quality.

Site Area

1236800 ha


  • Environmental Analysis + Statistics
  • Guidelines
  • Urban Design Framework
  • Water and Landscape Policy


  • SGS Economics and Planning Pty Ltd
  • Polaris Gis Ltd
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