Station Place

Dandara Living Developments Ltd / Luton, United Kingdom

In 2021, McGregor Coxall, in collaboration with Hodder & Partners, secured a Full Planning Application for Dandara’s 500-unit development in Luton, a pivotal part of the High Town regeneration area.

The landscape proposal meticulously addresses the medium-density residential structures and aligns with the requisites outlined in the Luton Borough Council Masterplan and Delivery Strategy. It delves into the intricate interaction between public streets and spaces, placing a significant emphasis on environmental climate resilience initiatives and fostering residential well-being.

Defined by an existing public plaza on High Street, the landscape seamlessly transitions into urban greening through a tow green and an adventure playground. The site incorporates a series of linear pedestrian streets, versatile courtyards, and residential gardens, all enveloped within a biodiverse-rich canopy of trees and plants. The overarching goal of the design is to enhance the area’s permeability and fortify north-to-south connections to the train station.

Recognising the vital role of neighbourhood play for children of all ages, the integration of play into the landscape was a pivotal consideration. “Play on the Way” is facilitated through a sinuous walkway play feature, weaving through the site’s central street’s naturalistic planting beds and glacial boulders, offering climbing elements for children. Additionally, two dedicated destination play spaces equipped with natural adventure play elements cater to different age groups, ensuring safe and engaging play. Adjacent seating allows parents to comfortably supervise their children.


images courtesy of Virtual Resolution.



Site Area

1.5 ha


  • Community Engagement
  • Heritage
  • Play Space
  • Landscape Master Plan
  • Public Realm Planning and Design
  • Regeneration


  • Open Space


  • Hodder & Partners
  • Westlakes Engineering
  • Turley
  • PJA
  • CJCT
  • Project Four Safety
  • Jensen Hughes
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