Space Time & Cities UTS Architecture Studio

UTS Sydney / Ultimo, Australia

This urban design studio explored the nexus between travel, time and urban space in 21st century cities. Using technology and design thinking, it analyses the impact that mobility has on human prosperity and city form in both compact and sprawling cities. The group was divided into small groups to undertake research on the Bays area of Sydney’s inner west. The students then further developed these strategies to test the competitiveness of the area by analysing data related to travel patterns and proximity to essential services.

McGregor Coxall has developed a framework to understand and improve the planning of cities called Biocity. The Biocity model consists of ten interconnected primary systems, one being mobility. This studio will interrogate ‘mobility’ utilising a range of tools such as Rhino scripting, CADD mapping, GIS, 3D printing and Google Earth to output a sustainable urban regeneration plan for White Bay.


  • Research