Shenzhen Danaoke Mountain

Shenzhen Longhua District Government / Longhua, Shenzhen, China

The steep geology of Danaoke Mountain underlies a wild landscape. Ancient forests and ecologies provide a range of natural environments to explore. Nature provides the back drop for a diverse range of planned active eco-adventures. The 500 hectare park is designed to be the hiking and mountain biking mecca of Shenzhen. Whether conquering the highest peak, playing sport or taking a relaxing walk along the Nuizuizi Reservoir floating board walk there is something for everyone to enjoy.

At the heart of the park lies the Danaoke Mountain Base containing the Mountain Base Hub, Park Ranger Headquarters, Sports Park and Urban Park. Offering a range of playground and recreation facilities in an urban setting, the hub is a vibrant home for an eclectic mix of activities and cultural events. At night restaurants, cafés, bars and shops provide a hive of activity and events. Buildings utilise pioneering sustainability techniques including solar glass and passive ventilation. A site wide WSUD system collects all urban runoff for bio-filtration and reuse in the buildings and landscape irrigation demonstrating Sponge City principles.

Site Area

504 ha


  • Competition
  • Ecology
  • Environmental Analysis + Statistics
  • Furniture and Signage
  • Landscape Master Plan
  • Open Space
  • Park
  • Public Realm Planning and Design
  • Recreation
  • Regeneration
  • Sports Grounds
  • Streetscape
  • Tourism
  • Urban Design Framework
  • Water Sensitive Urban Design [WSUD]
  • Stormwater Harvesting and Reuse