Shenshan BioCity

South China University of Technology School of Environment and Energy / Shanwei, China

The Shenshan cooperation zone will be a new specialised district for smart technology, set to become a global leader in A.I by 2030. Housing 1.5 million people on a 145km2 coastal site to the east of Shenzhen, our design vision was to create a ‘living lab’ where hi-tech business and the natural environment co-exist in a metropolis of islands along the Chishi River. The BioUrbanism approach combines innovation in technology, environmental ecology and wellbeing to foster a city of the future.

Development is located on elevated ‘urban islands’ rising above the flood zone. Existing historic waterways, agricultural lands and irrigation networks are retained to preserve ecological habitat and food production whilst acting as a sponge to filter storm water runoff from the urban areas. Comprising 12 distinctive districts Shenshan is planned as a waterfront ‘BioCity’ that embraces its mountainous coastal environment, rich agricultural plains and river setting. Integrated multi-modal transport infrastructure ensures a 30 minute city that accommodates modern mobility needs, creating a vibrant lifestyle for its citizens.

Site Area

5000 ha


  • Competition
  • Regional Planning
  • Research
  • Urban Design Framework
  • Visual Analysis
  • Waterfront


  • Shenzhen Urban Planning
  • Land & Resources Commission of Shenzhen Municipality
  • Polaris Gis Ltd
  • APG Architecture