Seven Metre Bar

City of Sydney / Sydney, Australia

Created by landscape architect Adrian McGregor, artist Richard Goodwin and ‘architect/gamer’ Russell Lowe, seven metre bar was one of eight installations that transformed under-utilised laneways in Sydney’s city centre as part of Art & About 2009. This installation combined the landscape of weather, an architecture of catastrophe and the technology of games. Intense weather projections that built in ferocity in response to increasing bar patrons flickered across storm surge detritus.

The 7m Bar hidden in Underwood Street, near Circular Quay, sat at an elevation of 7 metres above sea level. If the ice poles melt we will experience a seven metre sea level rise according to NASA scientist James Hansen. At 8 meters Underwood Street will be underwater. The installation had cars, boats, building materials and bodies tangled within building columns like seaweed at the edge of beaches. The project was chosen by the jury from over 500 registrations and 68 submissions.



Site Area

.1 ha


  • Art Installation
  • Streetscape
Adrian McGregor
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