Qingdao Ruyi Lake Competition

Qingdao Shanghe Development Group Co., Ltd / Qingdao, China

Ruyi Lake has faced damning ecological hardships of water shortages, poor water quality, soil salinization and biodiversity loss related to causal human interventions. Leveraging research in these fields, McGregor Coxall proposed the creation of a clear and sustainable natural environment that extends from Qingdao’s coast through to inland urban estuaries. Under core strategies of showcase, harvest, restore, and symbiosis, our design response entails a resilient blue-green network that promotes harmonious living between people and ecology.

An overflow weir, a Class III hydrophilic demonstration, controls three unique water environments by reallocating purified water resources. A multi-target water replenishment system, alongside two major water exchange systems, shortens the water exchange process and connects with seven urban water corridors that traverse the site along the Yuenjin River to effectively manage urban waterlogging. Natural tidal wetlands that extend from the river offer a unique aesthetic to Qingdao, providing habitats for riparian ecology and managing human activities in and around the waterfront.

Site Area

742 ha


  • Competition
  • Environmental Analysis + Statistics
  • Environmental Footprinting
  • Regional Planning
  • Streetscape
  • Waterway Design and Management
  • Water Sensitive Urban Design [WSUD]
  • Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems [SUDS]
  • Wetland and Lake Design
  • Catchment Flow Models