Living Breathing Lobbies

City of London Corporation / London, United Kingdom

What if our lobbies could become an extension of our green-networks? What if they could engage meaningfully with the street and provide space for activity and respite? “Living, Breathing Lobbies” provides a flexible, adaptable solution that uses live data to test the future role of these valuable spaces.

More than smart furniture, the system can take the role of green facades by actively filtering air, engage with the public and tenants through interactive furniture which can be rented and endlessly designed and re-designed for sponsorship events, dining, meeting spaces, work stations, public & private talks. It can engage directly with users delivering, live localised news, wayfinding and building notifications. Our lobbies can be the future rainy day public spaces, we only need to open them up and allow them to breath.

Site Area

20 ha


  • Competition
  • Interior
  • Land Use and Spatial Studies
  • Open Space
  • Public Domain Strategy
  • Public Realm Planning and Design
  • Research
  • Streetscape
  • Tactical Urbanism


  • Denton Corker Marshall
  • 18 Degrees
  • Wolfströme
  • Intellectsoft