Launceston: Safer, Greener Streets

Cornwall Council & Launceston Town Plan Group, Launceston Town Council / Launceston, UK

Following a successful bid to Cornwall Council’s Town Vitality Fund, Launceston Town Council partnered with a McGregor Coxall led team to revitalise the town centre.

Central to this mission is the vision of Safer, Greener Streets for Launceston, prioritising pedestrian-friendly spaces over vehicular dominance. McGregor Coxall’s approach, anchored in extensive Place Vitality Analysis and community engagement, identified three transformative projects aimed at fostering a harmonious blend of vibrant public spaces, flourishing businesses, and biodiverse green initiatives.

Within Launceston’s historic setting, these initiatives promote a future of resilience, safety, and prosperity. The Town Plan Group is now championing these projects, seeking funding to realise visions that intertwine economic, social, and environmental rejuvenation for coming generations.

Integral to the approach are four street typologies with shared aims: reduce vehicle dominance, integrate green infrastructure for climate resilience, boost the local economy, and ensure comprehensive community involvement.

Collaboration with local consultants and PLACE Architects was key to ensuring a grounded and community-centric strategy.

The project was shortlisted in the ‘Best Plan’ category for the Royal Town Planning Institute South-West Awards 2024, with the result to be announced in June.



Site Area

20 ha


  • Community Engagement
  • Cycleways
  • Heritage
  • Public Domain Strategy
  • Public Realm Planning and Design
  • Shared Streets
  • Streetscape
  • Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems [SUDS]
  • Tactical Urbanism
  • Urban Design Framework


  • PLACE Architects Ltd
  • Advance Consulting Engineers Ltd
  • MED Planning
  • Accessibility Cornwall
  • MDA Consulting
  • Three Dragons
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