Gunyama Park Aquatic Centre

CHROFI / Zetland, Australia

In collaboration with design partners CHROFI, McGregor Coxall was shortlisted in the City of Sydney design competition to create a new park and aquatic leisure center for the Green Square area. The concept evolved around the notion of the Counterpoint, an escape from the intensity of urban life to bring a recreational balance back to the community.

The park is edged by a shaded promenade immersed within a formal grove of trees to create an endlessly functional perimeter for activities, providing a place for neighborly exchanges and the strengthening of community ties. The southern edge caters for markets and events, providing a hub for small shops and cafes.

The landscape strategy is both resilient and functional, with the wetlands filtering rejected water from the aquatic center for greywater usage. The sports facilities are supported with activity spaces, barbecue areas, and a playground to provide for leisure pursuits within a naturalistic setting.

It’s not just a sports precinct but an ecology of landscapes enriched by the seasons as change ebbs through the park.

Site Area

3 ha


  • Competition
  • Water Park


  • City of Sydney
  • Dragonfly Environmental
  • MBM Pty Ltd