George St Laneways

City of Sydney / Sydney, Australia

As part of the city wide laneways revitalisation program, McGregor Coxall was appointed by the City of Sydney to undertake a review of the 2008 concept for Wilmot & Central Streets and further develop the designs for construction. The key design concept aims to provide a flexible platform for multi-purpose use and seamless integration to existing and future upgrades. Initiatives were driven by an overhaul of the existing traffic scheme, converting from road to shared zones optimised for pedestrian utilisation whilst still maintaining existing vehicular access requirements.

The proposed shared zones are made effective by creating a flush surface coupled with a simplified central invert for stormwater that reduces clutter and significantly improving versatility for a variety uses. Night time economy is promoted through pop-up food carts and projection art on Central Street, whilst Wilmot Street users will enjoy an extended outdoor dining/entertaining area closed to vehicles. This highly adaptable future-proof design sets a new precedent for upcoming laneway upgrades.

Site Area

.13 ha


  • Shared Streets
  • Streetscape


  • Northrop Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd
  • GTA Consultants
  • City Plan Services
  • Lighting Art+Science
  • Alluvium Consulting Australia
  • Morris Goding Access Consulting
  • Vic Lilli & Partners
  • Deuce Design