Daishan Island

Urban Planning & Design Institute of Shenzhen / Hangzhou, China

McGregor Coxall and UPDIS were awarded the winning proposal for the International Competition for Urban Design for Daishan Island: the “Penglai Wonderland” that serves as an important cornerstone for tourism, fishing and marine economies in the Zhoushan Archipelago.

Coastal planning, an optimised urban design and a vibrant public realm underpin the design approach that seeks to regenerate the island whilst maintaining the rich local cultural characteristics. The strategy integrates the original natural, historical, and cultural characteristics of Daishan into a modern design language and scientific ecological construction to revitalise the small-town landscape zone.

In turn, creating a unique seaside that blends mountains and seas, colliding tradition and modernity through an artistic temperament that promotes economic and ecological place vitality.

Site Area

627 ha


  • Ecology
  • Heritage
  • Streetscape
  • Waterfront