City of London, Smarter Cities

The City Centre / London, United Kingdom

To cope with increasing development growth, environmental variables and population density, the City of London needs to adopt a smart and flexible planning response. This proposal represents a strategic approach for the provision of new open space through identifying and transforming lost opportunities in the underground, street, river, building edge and rooftop. Where the people’s daily demands are met through adaptable spaces, multi-functional programming and an Information and Communication Technology Hub.

Central to this proposal is the establishment of C.O.L.O.S.A.L [City of London Open Space Active Locations], a smart phone application that connects people directly to a City of London Information and Communication Technology Hub. This central dashboard underpinned by urban informatics acts as a live platform to promote the efficient use of new and existing city space. Where multi-functional social, cultural and recreational encounters are easily accessible from the click of an ‘app’ and available at an adaptable space near you.

Site Area

20 ha


  • Competition
  • Land Use and Spatial Studies
  • Open Space
  • Public Domain Strategy
  • Public Realm Planning and Design
  • Research
  • Shared Streets
  • Streetscape
  • Tactical Urbanism