Butler’s Wharf

New London Architecture / London, UK

Butler’s Wharf Riverside Trust, in collaboration with McGregor Coxall, is revitalizing Butler’s Wharf, London’s prime Victorian warehouse ensemble.

This venture melds historical respect with modern practicality, employing versatile, modular designs reflective of the site’s maritime heritage. Our approach intertwines benches, planters, and interactive areas, saluting the wharf’s vibrant trade and natural history while offering flexibility and engagement. Enhancing riverside corridors and accentuating Tower Bridge views, the project nurtures a deeper bond with the Thames.

More than a cosmetic upgrade, this is a holistic revival of the site’s historical, cultural, and ecological essence. Integrating estuarine flora with industrial motifs, we’re establishing a thriving, sustainable haven for fauna and an enlightening, ecological learning space. The design’s modularity supports economical, phased execution, reduces disturbances, invites public backing, and highlights our dedication to marrying past and progress. Butler’s Wharf is set to become a symbol of both London’s architectural narrative and its sustainable, communal vision.



Site Area

0.42 ha


  • Art Installation
  • Community Engagement
  • Cycleways
  • Ecology
  • Environmental Analysis + Statistics
  • Landscape Master Plan
  • Open Space
  • Public Art
  • Public Domain Strategy
  • Public Realm Planning and Design
  • Recreation
  • Regeneration
  • Shared Streets
  • Streetscape
  • Water Sensitive Urban Design [WSUD]
  • Stormwater Harvesting and Reuse
  • Tactical Urbanism


  • Competition


  • The Place Bureau
  • Steensen Varming
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