Bristol Climate Resilience

Avison Young / Bristol, UK

Bristol City Council commissioned McGregor Coxall to develop a Climate Resilience Strategy and Delivery Plan setting out high-level actions to enable the city to meet the commitment of climate resilience across the Bristol City Council Property Estate by 2030.

This visionary project by Bristol City Council transcends traditional infrastructure, pivoting towards integrated blue and green solutions that holistically encompass social, environmental, and economic facets. By embedding resilience within policy frameworks and emphasising blue-green infrastructure in urban planning, it seeks a profound paradigm shift. Central to its strategy is the collaborative ethos, forging alliances with communities, stakeholders, and organisations, ensuring a shared responsibility towards climate resilience.

Leveraging Bristol’s ‘Smart City’ credentials, the initiative champions a data-driven framework approach, with tools like the CRE Dashboard facilitating real-time monitoring and informed decision making. Furthermore, diversified funding mechanisms underscore its commitment to sustainability and longevity. The ambition is clear: transform the 4,747ha council estate into a model of climate resilience, setting a global precedent for sustainable urban living. Through this endeavour, Bristol aspires not just to safeguard its assets and residents but to lead by example in the global battle against climate change.



Site Area

1 ha


  • Blue-Green (Living) Infrastructure Planning and Design
  • Brownfields
  • Environmental Analysis + Statistics
  • Flood Modelling
  • Geospatial Services
  • Regional Planning
  • Research


  • Regeneration


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