Tara Fischer

Environmental Sustainability Designer

Tara is an Environmental Sustainability Designer at McGregor Coxall, with over 2 years’ experience. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Architecture and Environments from the University of Sydney, focusing on Strategic Urbanism and Urban Ecology.

Tara is passionate about sustainable, ecological, and country-focused urban design and planning. She brings expertise in areas such as blue and green infrastructure, and strategic planning and policy and evidence-based design.

Tara has significantly contributed to various projects, assisting with project design, development, coordination, and management. Notable projects include the Scenic Hills Strategic Framework, Ropes Creek Corridor Masterplan, and Thompsons Creek Regional Park Design and Delivery Framework.

Tara sees every project as an opportunity to create ecologically-focused and socially-thriving urban spaces through thoughtful design. Clients benefit from her commitment to strategic and sustainable urbanism that connects people with their environments.


  • Strategic Urbanism
  • Urban Ecology


  • BA of Architecture and Environments


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