Sidonie Travers


Sidonie has worked on a wide range of high-profile Masterplanning and Landscape Architecture projects worldwide. She has experience in numerous conservation-led Master planning projects in the Middle East, ecological enhancement projects in the UK and resort, residential and leisure projects in Japan. During her professional education, Sidonie wrote two theses;the first ‘Wadi Hanifah: Landscape as a Catalyst for Change’ and the second on ‘Green Infrastructure: Adapting The City Of Riyadh For A More Sustainable And Resilient Future.’ She was lucky enough to harness this research and directly contribute to the inception of the Greening Riyadh Strategy in 2018. This sparked a passion for the power of sound masterplanning and interdisciplinary collaboration. Sidonie’s focus is applying thoughtful, site specific solutions to each project that keep human, ecological and physical connectivity at the heart in order to create functional and resilient spaces.


  • Conceptual Thinking
  • Narrative Creation
  • Graphic Communication


  • BA Landscape Architecture
  • MA Landscape Architecture Distinction


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