Sherwin Espejo

National BIM Manager

As a response to the industry’s growing complexity in terms of scale and organization, Sherwin strives to be critical in his approach, learning the latest BIM/VDC principles and digital tools to achieve a more accurate and efficient workflow with all stakeholders. Being involved in different phases and sectors of the building industry; from design to construction, from conventional to Prefabricated Pre-finish Volumetric Construction (PPVC), and from massive scale building developments to landscape and public domain, Sherwin’s experience gives him a clear grasp on the pressing need to pursue a more collaborative system of work leveraging on technology.

Dedicated, passionate, and committed, he can thrive both independently and collaboratively. Sherwin welcomes challenges and continually pursues new learnings, joining McGregor Coxall for the opportunity for interdisciplinary collaboration and becoming a real asset to any project he is involved in.


  • Bim management and multidisciplinary coordination
  • Documentation from detailed design to construction
  • Virtual design
  • walkthroughs
  • 4d simulations


  • Advance Diploma in Virtual Design and Construction
  • BS Architecture


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