Sean Gyuris

GIS Technician

With expertise spanning physical geography, spatial analysis, environmental data management, and IT systems, Sean excels at leveraging geographic information to inform resilience planning. His background in mineral exploration sharpened his skills for collecting, processing, and extracting insights from complex spatial datasets across disciplines.

As part of urban design projects, Sean developed customized workflows to integrate climate, infrastructure, socioeconomic, and environmental data into a holistic picture. He is passionate about enabling data-driven, forward-looking decision making through user-friendly information systems.

Sean is dedicated to applying his diverse skillset to build resilience, whether by mapping flood vulnerabilities, visualizing future heat island effects, or creating robust data architectures. He thrives in collaborative settings and seeks to make geospatial data accessible and actionable for multidisciplinary teams. Sean aims to utilize his interdisciplinary background in service of creating adaptive, sustainable communities.