Lisa Thorpe-Apps

Non-Executive Advisor, Global Board of Directors

Lisa is a committed and passionate HR professional who values people and encourages high levels of engagement and performance through innovative business practices.

Her broad experiences within the corporate finance and retail industries, across Australia, New Zealand and the UK for over 15 years, have provided Lisa with great opportunities to develop fundamental business practices and transferable HR capabilities.

Lisa is focused on aligning individual performance to McGregor Coxall’s strategic objectives, by creating a constructive workplace that attracts and retains high calibre talent, fosters learning and development opportunities to build long term technical, behavioural and leadership capabilities and is improving operational efficiency within MCGC to connect all Studios seamlessly. Lisa enjoys partnering with the Management team to achieve their strategic goals.


  • Project Leadership
  • Strategy and Master Planning
  • Park Design
  • Contract Administration


  • Bachelor of Commerce (Employment Relations)


  • Certificate IV, Australian Institute of Human Resources


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