Liliana Ructtinger

Senior Associate, Research Operations Lead

Liliana is a social researcher with a strong commitment to the evidence-based design of healthy and sustainable built environments. Her interdisciplinary background in psychology, sociology, and urban planning has fuelled her passion for developing research partnerships with universities and industry to bring project insights to life. With extensive experience in the government, research and development, and technology sectors in Australia and the US, Liliana brings a wealth of experience to her role as biourbanism research project manager at McGregor Coxall. Committed to developing collaborative research partnerships Liliana’s experience in the development and delivery of organisational research strategy has given her the ability to proactively identify emerging research opportunities. Through her work, Liliana strives to translate research findings into practice to reach their full impact. At McGregor Coxall Liliana brings her expertise to help achieve the company’s vision of creating healthy, smart, and locally responsive environments.



  • Social science research
  • Research strategy
  • Partnerships and engagement
  • Project management
  • Human-Centred Design
  • Urbanism


  • Bachelor of International Liberal Studies (Psychology and Sociology), University of Sydney
  • Honours in Psychology, University of Sydney
  • Master of Planning, UNSW


  • Planning institute of Australia


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