Liam Shearer

Graduate Landscape Architect

With a passion ignited by local Australian landscapes, Liam’s work explores his appreciation for stunning natural scenes and a fascination with dynamic landscape systems. Liam’s approach to design seeks to reveal and support the complexities of natural landscape systems, fostering the connection between a site and its inhabitants.

A recent graduate of The University of Technology Sydney, Liam has a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (Honours) with a background in residential landscaping and construction. Gaining international experience with a Global Studio in Indonesia, he possesses unique skills and understanding of mapping and modelling the complex rice farming and irrigation systems of the ‘Subak,’ further diversifying into the variety of fields within the discipline of Landscape Architecture. Outside of his discipline, Liam has a strong interest in being active and connecting with his local community, committed to the spirit of collaboration and engagement with the world around us.


  • Horticultural Knowledge
  • Landscape Design
  • Visual Communication


  • Bachelor (Hons) in Landscape Architecture


  • Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) Member


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