Dr Jorge Sainz de Aja Curbelo

Associate Director

Dr. Jorge Sainz De Aja Curbelo is an accomplished Urban Computational Design Senior Associate at McGregor Coxall, bringing over a decade of experience leveraging generative techniques to enhance architecture and urban design projects. With a strong parametric modelling, geospatial analytics, and machine learning background, Jorge has pioneered adaptable platforms that optimize form-finding, analyze spatial data, and efficiently visualize design impacts. His interactive tools empower real-time decision-making and stakeholder engagement.

He holds a PhD focused on applying computational methodologies to urban regeneration strategies, further cementing his expertise in this field. As a solutions-focused professional dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible through digital modelling, Jorge continues to bridge the gap between traditional urban planning approaches and cutting-edge computational methodologies to create more efficient, sustainable, and livable urban environments.