Jasmine Phaktham

Urban Designer

Jasmine is an emerging Urban Design professional, holding a Master’s degree in Urban Design from the University of Sydney. With a strong background in site analysis and 3D modeling, she is dedicated to designing meaningful spaces for communities and Country, while continually expanding her knowledge of the discipline. Jasmine has already made notable contributions to various projects, including the Campbelltown City Centre Framework and the Ropes Creek Corridor Masterplan. Her meticulous attention to detail and coordination skills as a project coordinator ensured compliance with local council standards and regulations. Jasmine’s expertise in urban design principles and her ability to conduct comprehensive research and analysis have enabled her to preserve and enhance the unique character of places like Gympie. She is deeply committed to continuous learning and actively seeks opportunities to deepen her understanding of urban design principles.


  • Site Analysis
  • 3D Modelling and Rendering
  • Report Writing


  • Bachelor of Architecture and Environments
  • Master of Urban Design


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