Huili Tang

Landscape Architect

Huili completed the Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (Honor Class 1) in 2018 from University of New South Wales. Her graduation thesis focused on designing urban space as a communication system – by using innovative design process that is inspired by theatre play, public art and serial visual perception, dialogues and interactions between people and space are woven into the public space. Since graduating, Huili has been working for the Sydney-based Landscape Architecture firm CLOUSTON Associates. She has experience on various local projects in Australia spanning public domain, parks and open spaces, residential development, green infrastructure, and masterplanning sectors. Huili is passionate about delivering projects that have positive social, cultural and environmental outcomes. Growing up in China, travelling and studying abroad, and working in Australia has broadened her perspectives on creating meaningful spaces in the multicultural urban environment.


  • Landscape Architecture
  • Concept Design
  • Master Plan & Framework
  • Graphic Communication
  • Construction Documentation


  • Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (Honor Class 1)


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