Hanny Paing

Computational Designer

Hanny has a background in Landscape Architecture, Graphic Design, and Painting, she believes that Landscape Architecture is an art form that grows, lives, and breathes. Bringing a unique perspective to her work by focusing on the representation of social, cultural, and environmental systems, Hanny explores how to bring about change through applied sustainable design thinking and deep knowledge using computational methods. Her studio project work for ‘The Void’ has also been selected to feature in the Gippslandia newspaper and she received the Vice-Chancellors List award for academic excellence. Moving forward, Hanny’s professional ambitions centre around using computational tooling and methods to inform and critically change how design functions. With a commitment to research and design for resilience in a rapidly urbanizing world, Hanny is dedicated to making a significant impact in the field of Landscape Architecture.


  • Conceptual Thinking
  • Expressive Imagery
  • Speculative Assemblies
  • Graphic Design


  • Bachelor of Landscape Architectural Design


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