Eoin Coxall

Quality Assurance Coordinator

Eoin is an experienced and reliable quality assurance professional with over 3 years’ experience working with ISO9001 for McGregor Coxall. As the Quality Assurance Coordinator Eoin uses his strong analytical skills (gained from his studies in Biotechnology) and administrative acumen to oversee QA and to ensure high-quality outcomes. Eoin is responsible for implementing, monitoring and reporting ISO90001 compliance across the Bristol, Melbourne and Sydney studios and eventually Shenzhen.

Eoin has gained a solid understanding of administration from his varied experiences within the Global Support team where he has worked closely with Operations, Finance and Marketing. Eoin is committed to QA excellence and to helping McGregor Coxall to achieve success and improve efficiency.


  • ISO9001
  • administration
  • systems and processing
  • data management
  • quality assurance


  • Bachelor of Biotechnology


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