Brooke Eddey

Executive Assistant and Operations Manager

Brooke Eddey is a dedicated and experienced professional with a diverse background spanning over fifteen years in both the wellness industry and the built environment sector. Based in Sydney, Brooke’s career began with significant roles in yoga and wellness management, where she excelled in opening new studios in Sydney and Melbourne, and managing large-scale wellness programs and events. Her leadership skills, strategic planning abilities, and passion for health and wellness were key to her success in roles such as National Sales, Operations & Events Manager at Power Living Australia.

In the past five years, Brooke has transitioned to the built environment sector, bringing her extensive management experience to McGregor Coxall, a prominent firm known for its innovative and sustainable design solutions. At McGregor Coxall, she has been instrumental in project coordination, client liaison, and operations management. Her ability to lead teams, develop and execute strategic plans, and foster strong relationships has been vital to the firm’s success. Brooke’s commitment to excellence and her multifaceted expertise make her a valuable asset in both the wellness and built environment industries.