BLUE & GREEN VISION FOR MOONEE PONDS News / Media / Project Milestone / 10.05.2019

The City of Melbourne is considering the Moonee Ponds Creek Strategic Opportunities Plan, which aims to create new green, high performance public spaces, whilst boosting flood resilience. The plan identifies a number of strategies to re-imagine the Moonee Ponds Creek corridor:

-Water Management: A resilient creek adapted to current and future extreme weather events

-Open Space: A diverse network of high performance open spaces to support the growing needs of the city

-Biodiversity: A healthy waterway and thriving ecosystem

-Movement: A highly accessible and connected creek corridor that is integrated with ATN infrastructure

-History & Culture: A celebrated past and shared vision for the future

-Collaborative Governance: Advocate for transformational change

As an integrated water design and management plan, the vision seeks to change the perception of how communities might engage with water and water infrastructure. Inherent challenges such as flooding and land ownership were assessed to consider alternative land use, catchment-wide collaborative governance and dynamic design solutions such as remediating sections of the concrete channel - which would allow parts of the creek to be naturalised, creating a chain of parklands with wetlands and indigenous planting.