Sydney Green Grid Evolves

Sydney Green Grid Evolves

Sydney Green Grid Evolves News / Publication / 24.10.2016

McGregor Coxall worked with the NSW Government Architects office to prepare a toolbox for the Sydney Green Grid open space strategy. A vital contribution to the sustainable development of the city, the Green Grid formulates a new framework for the enhancement and integration of a high quality open space network across greater metropolitan Sydney. Using GIS mapping our team mapped the existing green infrastructure mosaic across the entire city and analysed access from all homes. The Green Grid is complimentary to the blue grid of Sydney's waterways.

The Sydney Green Grid is the mechanism that turns policy into action to create greener, cleaner, healthier, socially cohesive and biodiverse urban environments within a connected city ecosystem for people and wildlife. The scheme plays a key role in building resilience measures against climate change through enhanced biodiversity, greater recreation opportunity, enhanced stormwater management and flood risk mitigation.