Little Bay Cove

Little Bay Cove

Little Bay Cove News / Biocity Studio / 15.07.2014

McGregor Coxall worked on the Master Plan for this 17 hectare, 459 dwelling sustainable residential neighbourhood situated along Sydney's Southern coastline at Little Bay. The project has a wide diversity of housing types carefully situated on a regular street grid that respects the coastal topography and geological environment. The layout integrates a water sensitive urban design framework into the street typologies, public park and central ecological corridor.

Existing Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub, deposits of Miocene geology and Ochre earths of significance to local Aboriginals are protected under the Master Plan. Pedestrian connections to the Prince Henry site to the south and Little Bay Beach and the NSW Coastal Walkway integrate the development into the existing network. The project will have onsite black water treatment and has LED solar lights deployed across the public domain. The project features a comprehensive WSUD strategy whereby all site and ‘bio street’ drainage is directed to the central biofiltration system and pond. The public domain features steel stair structures, a 100 metre long walkway constructed from recycled timber and steel, lookouts and native coastal plantings. With the public domain now complete, construction on the apartments and homes will commence shortly.