IFLA50 Keynote Auckland

IFLA50 Keynote Auckland

IFLA50 Keynote Auckland News / Biocity Studio / Event / 16.05.2013

Bionic Urbanism 

Adrian McGregor recently presented a keynote titled Bionic Urbanism at the 50th International Federation of Landscape Architects [IFLA50] Congress 2013 held in Auckland, New Zealand. IFLA is the organisation, which represents the landscape architectural profession globally. The theme for this 50th IFLA World Congress was focused on knowledge sharing around the increasingly challenging issues facing our local and global environments in an age of considerable and frequently dramatic change. The keynote outlined the progression of cities tracing ancient patterns of settlement through to modern day typologies of urbanisation. He then discussed the converging challenges facing cities such as oil depletion, economic uncertainty, climate change and food security. Cities have become the primary habitat for humans with more than fifty percent of the global population now living in them. The biocity model considers the city as a bionic biotope, a connected web of ten macro systems that can be used for integrated planning to help cities adapt to modern challenges. The model can be used as a tool to assist cities develop resilience and become more economically and environmentally sustainable.