Meet our newest Landscape Leader: Andrew Langford

Meet our newest Landscape Leader: Andrew Langford

McGregor Coxall’s Sydney Landscape Architecture leadership spine has been finalised as we welcome aboard Andrew Langford as an Associate Director.

Featuring over 12 years’ experience practicing architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design, Langford will play a pivotal role nurturing the Studio’s budding designers said Associate Director, Matt Ritson.

“Andrew brings a passion for design excellence coupled with experience delivering complex, iconic, and award-winning projects both nationally and internationally. He is also a people focused leader who will add value to the mentoring and coaching of our talented next generation of landscape architects. Andrew’s arrival completes the restructuring of our landscape team as we embark on the next chapter of McGregor Coxall’s growth,” said Ritson.Following successful stints as a senior leader at Oculus and ASPECT Studios, Langford is eager carve out his own legacy within McGregor Coxall’s multidisciplinary framework.

“I’ve always seen McGregor Coxall as one of the best,” said Langford.

“What really drew me in was the way the Studio continually looks to develop and grow, building on the strength of what Phil (Coxall) and Adrian (McGregor) have built over the past few decades. There’s a really unified, open way of strategic thinking here that fluidly considers the working relationship between Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, and Environment.

“What really stands out to me is this unique design language and approach that’s applied across all projects, globally. There’s detailed thought given to water management, to sustainability, the environment, and the future of the landscape for people. It’s this dense, holistic process that appealed to me most and I’m really excited to be involved with this transformative age of growth for the Studio.”

Langford’s skillset is the barometer of a profession in transition, honing his multidisciplinary expertise across Melbourne and Sydney.

“What it means to be a Landscape Architect is in transit. I see a positive shift in the thinking of our industry which extends across all disciplines,” said Langford. “This permeability connects our cities and people with their dependent ecologies at a greater level. Progressions in technology and a dire need for sustainable design has catalysed in greater understandings of how we need to shape our built environments.”

Hailing from Melbourne, Langford has spent time as a lecturer and tutor at University of Newcastle and University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), and brings with him a wealth of experience in leading cross-disciplinary teams across New South Wales and Victoria. “I am fortunate that throughout my life I’ve had the opportunity and resources to learn, grow, and mature. Collaborative conversation through a tactility of learning and working with people, institutions, and universities will make our industry stronger, and allows us to leave more lasting legacies that transfer a sense of custodianship across generations,” said Langford.

“I’m heavily inspired by designing cities and landscapes that are enduring, long lasting. As city shapers, we want to create a legacy of places that inspire people, that educate, are enjoyable, and are democratic in their functions. As Landscape Architects, we have a responsibility to connect people and cities to the land and as custodians, we should strive to design for an inclusive future for everybody.”

Andrew joins Matt Ritson (Associate Director), Julia Manrique (Associate Director), Katie Earle (Senior Associate), Fraser Halliday (Senior Associate), and Miguel Serrao (Associate) in Sydney’s Landscape Architecture leadership ranks.

About Andrew LangfordWith over 12 years’ experience, a multi-disciplinary background and a Masters in both Architecture and Landscape Architecture, Andrew thrives on his ability to resolve complex design problems within varying project opportunities and constraints. Approaching all projects with the potential to redefine and enhance urban environments, Andrew is focused on developing rich urban, architectural and spatial environments that enhance the experience of the built form and for the communities in which they reside. His strong design skills, rigorous approach and exacting standards in documentation complement considerable experience in construction and contract administration, allowing him to balance client, team and consultant outcomes on projects of varying scales. With a strong focus on leadership and knowledge sharing legacies, Andrew has sat on Landscape Architecture and Architectural subject Design Review Panels at RMIT, University of NSW, University of Newcastle, and University of Technology Sydney.

Pictured (left to right): Katie Earle, Andrew Langford, Matt Ritson, Julia Manrique, Fraser Halliday

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