Following the successful implementation in its UK Studios, McGregor Coxall launches the nine-day fortnight in Australia.

An innovative approach aimed at providing employees with increased flexibility in managing their professional and personal commitments.

“Our focus remains on clients, projects, and deliverables whilst ensuring greater flexibility in work schedules,” says People and Culture Business Partner, Emily Manning.

“Our trials have shown this is most successful with trust at its core. We trust our staff to manage their time and they trust us to ensure that we continue to have their wellbeing at the core of our management.” When employees are given the flexibility they need, research shows engagement, excellence, and satisfaction at work increases.

McGregor Coxall’s focus is design, sustainability, and resilience. Manning states that this now more than ever is relevant not just to our projects but to our people. “The goal with changes like flexibility and the 9-day fortnight is to increase employees’ time to rest and recover, whilst achieving a greater sense of trust, belonging and wellbeing in making flexibility tangible,” she says.

CEO George Panos says, “This exciting initiative is not just a shift in the traditional working week; it’s a leap toward enhancing the lives of our incredibly diverse team, offering time for each individual to recharge for a more balanced work life.”

“Life extends far beyond the office. With the nine-day fortnight, we hope to prioritise work-life balance.”

The nine-day fortnight has seen immense success in McGregor Coxall’s UK Studios. When asked about the impact of it on her team, Kate Cowdy, Head of UK Operations answered, “after almost a year, we are pleased to have reported increased engagement scores, sustained productivity and we’ve successfully maintained our business targets.”

“Embracing a 9-day fortnight, we sought flexibility, efficiency, and improved work-life balance for our team. Consultation was key, with the team having buy-in to the new working pattern.”

It’s become increasingly clear that flexibility is a highly valuable way to engage and retain employees in this new era of hybrid work. In a commitment to reducing burnout, the nine-day fortnight will support McGregor Coxall’s team by elevating flexibility and satisfaction at work.

The nine-day fortnight commences February 5th for all Australian Studios.

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