Launching London

Launching London

McGregor Coxall is delighted to announce the expansion of its UK team with the opening of its latest base in London at Diespeker Wharf.

This expansion marks a significant milestone for McGregor Coxall, reinforcing its position in the UK market and its strategic leadership in projects across Europe, the Middle East and Australia.

Adopting a one UK studio philosophy, the new London studio complements McGregor Coxall’s existing presence in Bristol, where the team are already delivering London based regenerative projects including ExCeL London Phase 3, The Wave London, and Rick Roberts Way, situated within the iconic London Olympic Park.

We are pleased to introduce newly appointed Design Director, Steven Kennedy. With a distinguished career spanning two decades, including key roles such as Grimshaw Principal, Kennedy brings a wealth of experience with him. His portfolio includes significant projects like the Oman Botanic Garden and YTL Arena in Bristol.

McGregor Coxall UK Design Director, Steven Kennedy, comments:

“It’s an honour and a challenge to join McGregor Coxall at this transformative juncture. As we witness the consequences of a shifting climate and the unprecedented speed of technological change, it’s essential that we not only adapt but also anticipate and innovate. At McGregor Coxall, I see a team committed to staying ahead of the curve and responding with sustainable and visionary designs. Establishing the London studio as a key collaborative part of the UK business symbolises our readiness to embrace the new challenges of our time and harness the opportunities they present. Together, with a spirit of adaptability and forward-thinking, we will shape environments that resonate with the demands of both the present and the future.

McGregor Coxall UK Founding Director, Michael Cowdy, echoes Steve’s sentiments.

“From McGregor Coxall’s early UK beginnings in Bristol’s Stokes Croft, the practice has developed a local and international reputation in crafting culturally sensitive and environmentally responsive design solutions across a variety of contexts. A reflection of the businesses’ achievements is the unveiling of the practice’s new studio in London, and the strategic hire of Steven Kennedy as Design Director.”

“The broadening of the UK business is attracting fresh talent and expertise from diverse sectors, enhancing our design offering in the UK and enabling us to diversify our project portfolio.”

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