Cattai Creek regenerative works green-lighted

Cattai Creek regenerative works green-lighted

The Cattai Creek Corridor will follow in the footsteps of The Hills Shire Council’s regional growth and prosperity, set to become a recreational drawcard and ecological haven following the adoption of McGregor Coxall’s regenerative landscape master plan.

In support of the thriving Castle Hill community undergoing significant growth and change, McGregor Coxall is working with The Hills Shire Council to reposition the Cattai Creek corridor as a community cornerstone for leisure and environmental engagement.

The master plan presents an activated linear parkland spanning 1.5km of remnant and revegetated creekfront bushland, linking a chain of diversely purposed parklets through an immersive, shared user path experience. Creek-wide accessibility, conservation, and flood management will be fostered through a series of landscape and environmental interventions said McGregor Coxall’s Associate Director and Landscape Architecture Discipline Leader, Matt Ritson.

“The Cattai Creek Corridor is a hidden gem that will become a critically important open space for Castle Hill’s growing community. The creek plays an important role in biodiversity and regional climatic resilience and is home to a diverse variety of valuable flora and fauna – all of which will be protected and enhanced through our landscape and environment design approach,” said Ritson.

In 2019, McGregor Coxall collaborated with The Hills Shire Council on the successful delivery of the Castle Hill Showground Masterplan – a place-led urban design strategy set to transform the iconic 130-year-old Showground site into the “community’s backyard”.

The Showground will serve as a physical landmark that caters to diverse demographics through revitalised and inclusive outdoor events spaces, active spaces for all ages and abilities, and sports and events facilities. Restorative works to Cattai Creek align directly to the Showground Masterplan, says Ritson.

“Leveraging the strategic outcomes of the adopted Castle Hill Showground Masterplan works completed by our Urban Design Team, the project will create new connections to key destinations within the local community, including the iconic Showground and Showground Station, as well as provide new and refined green spaces for the community to enjoy,” he said.

“We are excited to collaborate with The Hills Shire Council once again in realising this transformational vision for the Cattai Creek Corridor.”

Mayor of The Hills Shire, Dr Michelle Byrne said the new Showground Precinct – one of four precincts rezoned in The Hills to support growth and vibrancy around the Metro Stations – is a popular, active and lively place to live, and anticipates an increase of local residents throughout the next two decades.

“With this in mind, we want to develop a plan to deliver a much-needed green space that will provide active links and passive recreation that will support this community,” Mayor Byrne said.

“It also compliments the redevelopment of the Castle Hill Showground and provides residents with another option to access the Showground Metro Station,” Mayor Byrne added. The project will progress to a detailed design phase commencing in the second half of 2021. Construction is anticipated to commence in the 2022-23 financial year.

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